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First Impressions: Super Mario Galaxy.

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I might be coming late to the Mario review party, but time hasn’t really been my friend lately, until now.

I haven’t finished the game yet, but as the title says this isn’t a real review. I’m half-way trough the game (I assume) but I have seen more than enough to express a real opinion of the game.

I’m loving it.

I should first say that I pretty much skipped two whole generations of Nintendo hardware, so the last time I really played trough a Mario game was Super Mario World. I of course played a little of Mario 64, and did not get anywhere near Sunshine. This is 3d platforming perfection.

The controls, and the camera get a bit of time to getting use too. But once you get going in the game, there is no turning back. You walk around planets, you are upside down, shooting trough space, gravity is crazy, mini-games, the fire flower, the ice flower, bee suit, and the best one out there: the boo suit.

This is the Wii system seller, this is what Mario fans had been waiting. If you like fun, you will like this game. And if playing this doesn’t provide hours of joy and fun, then I’m sorry but you are death inside.


Written by geminiman

December 3, 2007 at 1:28 am